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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mrs, Lady Rose Banda SCAM? I think so...

This email came to me today 8/9/2012.

TEL: +27 72 66 580 76
FAX: +27 86 636 5957

I know you will be surprised to receive this letter, since you don't know me personally, but I am writing you this letter with due respect and heart full of tears.  I am LADY ROSE BANDA, I got your contact through the South African information exchange (S.A.I.E) here in South Africa, and I decided to ask for your assistance.  I am leavine here in South Africa since last year with my (4) children (3) ladies (1) gentle man.

My late husband (MR. MATHEW BANDA) was a very rich business man in Lusaka Zambia, the captial city of Zambia.... my husband was shot on the 30th of March last year on his way going to the Lusaka international airport Zambia, traveling to Angola, he eventually died on 2nd of April in Lusaka General Hostial in Zambia, before his death he drew my attention with my (4) children that he has the sum of (US$17.5 MILION).  Seventeen mullion five hundred thousand United Sate Dollars which he deposited in one box as a consignment and was where he usually do his international business.  The money was deposited in one Private Security Company in Johannesburg, South Africa where he usually do his international business.  The money was deposited in one box consignment and was declared as a family treasure, with the security company to avoid seizure and also to avoid high demur-rage from the security company.  My late husband was one of the chief executive directors in National Gas and Oil company in Lusaka Zambia, and he made his money from the Company.

He also told me that it was because of this money he was shot by his business partners, while he was on a business trip to Angola with them.  And he instructed me and children tto look for a foreign partner who has GOD fearing to assist us , with the lvoe of God and for the save of our family's life to transfer these funds (US$17.5 MILLION) out of the Republic of South Africa and invest it for his family.  All the entire documents my late Husband signed with the security company are with me.  Since my husband died we are leaving in South Africa as an Asylum seeker.  My purpose of contacting you is to assist my family in this painful situation and transfer this money to your country, before all those Assassins who Killed my lovely Husband find out that we are leaving in South Africa.

Those Assassins who Killed my Lovely Husband are also after my family's life and they want kill us and claim this money from the security company, why because some of my late husbands friends knows that my husband has money with one Private Security company here in South Africa, that's why we are hiding our selves here in South Africa so that they will not see us.  Please, if my family proposal is accepted by you, we promise to give you (US$2.5 MILLION) for your assistance to transferring this money to your nominated bank account in your country, then while (US$1MILLION) one million will be set aside for local and international expenses and (US$144 MILLION) Fourteen Million United States Dollars will be kept for my family fo the investment, but you will have to assure my family that you will be able to assist us fully to transfer this money into your bank account.  I hope you will not betray the trust we have in you.  Because this money is only hope of my family, and more over, you will going to assist us to come over to your country, where I will be able to settle down with our lives.  You will also assist us to invest this money in your country as one family.  This money (US$17.5 MILLION) is an inheritance from my late husband.

I will like you to furnish me with your private telephone number and your personal details.  If this proposal is accepted, you can contact my only Son MR. ROBINSON BANDA with all this private information's written above and also you have to send us all your private contact details, your phone number and fax number for easy communications.  Once I confirmed your reply with your details I will give you the procedure for the transaction.

I am looking forward for your urgent response.  God Bless you and your family.

Best regards,


Please be careful! Do not fall for this scam. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I just got an email from a "Lady Rose Banda" with nothing but a Word document attached. I didn't want to download the Word document just in case it was a virus, so again .. thank you.